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Musikmesse 2011: Ganz Europa Express – Teil 1
The guys from de:bug made an interview in german, where Andreas Schneider is making a tour through the superbooth 2011 showing highlights and newcomers of the analog world.


Musikmesse Frankfurt 2011 Safari durch Schneiders Büro Teil 1
Our german friends from MusicStore visited us at the superbooth and made a video out of it.


NIIO Analog Dimension 3 (<- click me)
Don from Niio Analog talking about his NIO Analog Dimension 3. Video made by Sonic State at superbooth 2011


de:bug is interviewing sebastian preller, who introduces the snd acme (advanced clock management engine) at the musikmesse 2011 superbooth.

a normal day at the trade show (<- click me)
Some pictures of the superbooth at Musikmesse 2011 in Frankfurt. It shows brand new as well as well-known stuff… and their manufacturers. Our private collection of the superbooth 2011.  

Superbooth by night
Our dear friend Arno made some first pictures of the superbooth after having been installed now. If you want to see the whole booth without the visitors have a look for his video “superbooth at night” (Download 401MB)  

Vermona PerFourmer MKII (<- click me)
Thomas from Vermona explaining the Vermona PerFourmer MKII. Video made by Sonic State at superbooth 2011

Eowave Domino And More (<- click me)
Eowave’s presenting their new stuff. Modular components to convert the Sensor inputs into proper CV seem to be interesting for many of you, the Domino and the ribbon one including a little synth also, most products will still need a bit to be done, stay online and see this video made by Sonic State at superbooth 2011.

Expert Sleepers CV In the Computer (<- click me)
Oz from Expert Sleepers explaining modules and software which generate/translate CV Gate signals from the Computer to your modular system. Video made by Sonic State at Superbooth 2011.

Expert Sleepers Roundtrip (<- click me)
Expert sleepers captured a little impression of the superbooth at musikmesse 2011 in frankfurt/main. No talking, no comments… Just the atmosphere.

Inner Clock – Clock Everything (<- click me)
David Lackey from Inner Clock showing their tools to sync quite everything like din sync and midi. Video made by Sonic State at superbooth 2011


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