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Musikmesse 2009 was not booked as the years before and there has not been as many visitors as all the years before but ..
The Superbooth was nearly always crowded with friendly guests and many
journalists. So there are a lot of pictures on the web where we would give
you an overview of their highlights.

From the most prominent german news mag called www.heute.de by the ZDF there has been an overview online about whats going on around Musikmesse and we have been one of the topics for them:

pdf download oder auf http://www.heute.de/ZDFheute/inhalt/17/0,3672,7552561,00.html

The most expressive and the longest documentation about our work and the
only all over information has been made by the famous guys of sonic state:


The following link leads you to a short impression of the real Mr Schneider with the junior (!) .. having some fun with sonic state:


Sebastian Niessen is giving an impression of his ideas of quality in
hardware in front of his famous hardware sequencer SAM16:


L.L. Electronics is the company name of Kilian Leonhardt, the inventor of
the Rozzbox. His latest release is the smaller brother called Oddulator -
available soon (!):


The analogue brother of the Oddulator has been designed by Dieter Doepfer
named dark energy. The black unit can be played over midi via USB and
still has some CV/Gate out and inputs:


Dieter Doepfer Modular News has been reported over here:


Juergen Michaelis alias JoMoX brought his latest creation called eleven,
its an update of the MBase01, his famous bassdrum and just it:


Apart from Sonic State there is Mr. Bernd Kistenmacher telling about his
personal impression and especially about his good work for the community
forcing the Genoqs company to the release of a new Octopus (!) and more:


Nochmal auf Deutsch erklärt Dieter Doepfer seine dark energy auch bei


Gar nicht erklärt Musikradar einen Eindruck vom Doepfer Modularsystem:


Und immerhin einen Bericht zur neuen MBase11/eleven gibts bei Bonedo:


Und Herr Schulz ist immerhin beim Moogulator mal zu sehen ..

http://www.sequencer.de/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/ musikmesse09_synmag29.jpg

.. wie natürlich der MFB522, den es wohl als erstes zu kaufen geben wird:

http://www.sequencer.de/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/ musikmesse09_synmag50.jpg

more to come. Thank you for your interest,

andreas schneider, 7.4.2009