March, 28th til 30st you are welcome to meet us for the following cultural programm in the Atelier Frankfurt next to the Frankfurt Messe Main Entrance.
Raum 2, Hohenstaufenstr. 27, Frankfurt / Main

Vom 28. bis 30. März freuen wir uns auf Gaeste zu folgendem Kulturprogramm im Atelier Frankfurt nahe dem Haupteingang zur Musikmesse
Raum 2, Hohenstaufenstr. 27, Frankfurt / Main


following program can change always:

Mittwoch / Wednesday 28.3. SB lounge opening

18h / 6 pm Exhibitors and friends only: soup culture, sparkling vine and club mate
19h / 7 pm Conrad Schnitzler: die Flugzeugserie, Soundinstallation for eight channels
20h / 8 pm 5 euros for the fridge - waktoloopa warmup dj-set !
21h / 9 pm Introducing the Multitouch-Table, Performance Jens Wunderling
22h / 10pm SB Wohnzimmercrew warm up: Zimbamborium?
23h / 11pm Gino Robair, California: modular n digital organic sounds
00h/ midnite SB Tabledance: Jens W., Tom n Jerry?

Donnerstag / Thursday 29.3. SB lounge interna

18h / 6 pmExhibitors and friends only: soup culture, red vine and visuals
19h / 7 pmConrad Schnitzler: die Toolserie, Soundinstallation
20h / 8 pm5 euros for the fridge - waktoloopa warmup dj-set !
21h / 9 pmElena Stepanova, Moskow: Playing the Theremin, Performance
22h / 10pmJens Wunderling: Multitouch table multifinger music, performance link
23h / 11pmBulldogs underground: coolest lowbeats n cuts 2 move link
00h / midniteSB Wohnzimmercrew: late nite session

Freitag / Friday 30.3. SB lounge die Nacht

20h / 8 pmRaum 1: Künstler kochen für Künstler, Raum 2: Conrad Schnitzler: die Allserie, 5 Euros for friends
21h / 9 pmFanger & Schönwälder: electronic Dinner, dual Memotron performance link
22h / 10pmCyril Brissot (France): playing sensoric n persephone, Performance with haptical tools
23h / 11pmJens Wunderling: Tabledance, best of SB sessions
00h / 0 amDJ Owland: master elektron UW handler
01h / 1 amrare happenings / friends only sessions