Overview Hersteller Impressum Review
Hersteller = Exhibitors 2006
Booth D35
Manikin Electronic Memotron (new), Schrittmacher
Vermona DRM1MK2, Perfourmer, DAF-1, Action-Filter
Metasonix Wretchmachine (new), TM6 (new), TM5, TM3, TM2, TM1
Doepfer A-100 modular system / Monsterkoffer (new), R2M
Analogue Solutions Concussor modular system
Signal Arts MAPS 24x8step Compact-Sequencer
Cwejman S1 semi-modular synth, new modular components
Curetronic 5rackspace modularsystem, 6HU compactsystems
Macbethstudiosystems M5 halfmodular Megasynth
  Booth D50
JoMoX XBase999 (new), M-Resonator (new), Mbase01
MFB Step64 (new), Multifilter (new), VJ-Mixer (new), VJ-Player (new), Filterbox, 502, Kult, Synth Lite2, Synth2, Polylite
Studio electonics Omega 8voice, SE1X, ATCX-QFS, Modmax-pedals
Schneidersbuero Jimibox, minimodular kit (new), patchcontrol
Midisolutions Merger, Thru, Mix and Split-units for any need
Kenton Wireless Midi, Midi Volumecontrol, Midi controllers
Sequentix P3 Midi Stepsequencer (new)
Analogue Solutions Semblance 4voice Mega-Synthmodule (new)
EAR-Group Plan B modules, Livewire modules
Schippmann Music Ebbe und Flut Multifilter (new)
Mutronics Mutator stereofilter
Sherman Dual and single rackfilterunits (new)
SND Filterbank FB14S
Future Retro XS (new), Revolution, Mobius Stepsequencer


PLUS the very special Vinyl Recordings
- Bring your own track on CD to take it home on Vinyl (new) or
- create a loop from our modular system to take it home on Vinyl!